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Monday, July 28, 2014

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Monday, June 9, 2014

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Monday, April 28, 2014

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Ama Suite 3 Review

What Is It?

AmaSuite 3.is a brand new collection of software tools, designed for Amazon that help affiliates to find out products, worth promoting. This newest program comes with 3 awesome tools such as Keywords Generator, a Top Analyzer and a product Inspector. Do you want to choose potential products and promote them? Are you ready to buy it?

Main Features

You know, this amazing software tools cover 3 awesome tools that will help you find out potential products, targeted keywords to promote. Now, take considerations into these tools:
Tool #1 : Azon Keyword Generator
Azon Amazon Keywords Generator 300x209 Amasuite 3.0 Review & Special Bonus
Azon Amazon Keywords Generator

The first tool covered in this amazing AmaSuite 3 software is Azon Keyword Generator. This tool will generate a lot of targeted keywords that based on Amazon’s suggestions. Even you say that you usually use Amazon in past to find out products and you also see several suggestions in action wherever you typed keywords into the Amazon search field. In addition, you also see a drop-down appear with a list of related or involved keywords.
So, what the keyword generator incredibly does is to grab these suggestions and after that develop a list of them for you in order to help you generate a keyword list and then promote products you choose.
Also, you can think that why you should need a tool to give you these suggestions whereas you can find out them from Amazon? Truly, I discover that this Azon keyword Generator will help you list much more potential keyword, which Amazon just give you a maximum of 10 suggestions per time.
Furthermore, this tool is set to Low like the default with the selection set, it also will move very fast in fining out the keywords in just seconds. Really, this one brings you a little effort to find out targeted keywords for your promotion.
Tool #2: Azon Top 100 Analyzer
Azon Top 100 Analyzer 300x209 Amasuite 3.0 Review & Special Bonus
Azon Top 100 Analyzer
The second tool included in this software tool is the Azon Top 100 Analyzer. The little piece of this software is extremely brilliant and awesome because it will make you find out products to promote super quickly and easily.
There are two steps to follow this top 100 Analyzer:
Step 1: Select the Amazon Data Source: from here, users can choose the best sellers, top rated, most gifted and hot new release and movers as well shakers.
Step 2: Select a Category: from here you also can choose which category and sub-category you hope to search in even though you could click the check box to find in all categories if you want.
Tool #3: The Azon Product Inspector
This tool software is the same with the Top 100 Analyzer. The main difference is that with this tool, you can seek for all of Amazon and not only specific sections such as best Sellers or Top rated.
In other words, you can get away with following the Top 100 Analyzer. But, this piece of this tool software will give you the flexibility in order to get more specific with your own section.

Difference between the AmaSuite 3 and the old version?

          The old version, version 1 was introduced in 2012 February. Although it has also been massively successful, the new one AmaSuite 3 is expected to surpass it. It has been improved from the old version, considering the pitfalls that were realized with the preceding version. Researching using it is much easier and extensive. You are able to find the specific keywords that are related with high rated, high commission and less competition without much mind blogging. The software has been properly tested and approved to ensure there is no flaw or difficulty when researching Amazon products.

How To Use It?

Someone wonder whether using this software is difficult or easy. I would like to give a simple answer that this software is very easy to use from newbie to professionals.
Perhaps, you remember about the first versions of this AmaSuite 3, released in the first time in 3th, 2012 that attracted a great success when receiving by affiliates. In this year, both of authors, David Guidon and Chris Guthrie are planning to launch another improved and better version, AmaSuite 3 that promises to blow away all obstacles of affiliates. Yes, this software tool will help all affiliates discover high rated promotional and low competition products on the site and achieve much more money. The newest software also makes the affiliates’ lives become easier and simpler.

Who Is AmaSuite 3 For?

+        This latest software tool is for all of affiliates.
+         It is the great choice for affiliate marketers, product owners, online marketers, and much more.
+       It is appropriate for beginners and advanced ones.

Is It Worthy Buying?

If anyone asks me that if this AmaSuite 3 software is worth buying or not. I will answer that definitely, this software is worth purchasing. As you know, it will become the most powerful software system Amazon affiliates can use to research on very high price products and targeted keywords. This software will help affiliates overcome all problems of finding out keywords that they often have when promoting products on Amazon. You also know that Amazon is one of very complicated affiliate sites, but most of affiliates love promoting Amazon products. So, how to find targeted keywords with a highly priced products on Amazon? Do not worry because this latest software tool will help you resolve the question. And all things you need to do are to get this latest tool and follow it. Surely, you will achieve lots of success in your affiliate career.